Saturday, September 26, 2009

Labor Day Weekend '09

A few weeks ago my husband and I decided to jet off to Seattle for an extended Labor Day weekend. My Aunt Sheri lives out there and I haven't been to her place in over 10 years. I have seen her since then as she comes to Wisconsin a couple of times a year, but for some reason I just haven't made my way out there.
We had a great time and we will hopefully not wait as long for a return visit.

The majestic Snoqualmie Falls

Space Needle

Shaun & Sheri try on hats at the Bumbershoot Art Market

25 cents a dance - $1 for a good dance and $5 will get you the best dance ever

Sheri admires some outdoor ornaments

We took in some fun music

Feliz CompleaƱos! (Happy Birthday to Us!)

Having a few brewskies and learning the origins of Red Hook at the brewery tour

Plates - who needs 'em - we enjoyed seafood at the Crab Pot 

Tasting and learning about tea in downtown Seattle.

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