Sunday, August 30, 2009


At last, I have finished this purse. It is a larger version of a bag that I designed for myself. It measures approx 12.00" tall x 13.00" at its widest point and has a long strap that is adjustable. I am pretty pleased with this bag (and with the fact that is finally finished!).

I am also committed to making a matching wallet, but it needs to be larger than my "cute little wallet". I have some designs drawn up and I really would like to get that done before Halloween.

The pictures below are of the purse I designed for myself for the summer, but as September comes rolling in it means that I will have to design something more "fally".

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Best Seat in the House

This is one of my favorite spots to sit. I bought this swing a couple of years ago and much to my dismay it has not worn well. 

I live in Wisconsin, so I take it in for the winter so it has only been exposed to the weather for a total of about 8 months, but regardless the seat split down the middle rendering it useless.

I was feeling somewhat handy so I brought it in the house and patched it up. I have a pretty decent sewing machine, but it's not something I would not make a habit of doing. Besides that with the rope and the wood handles -  it was rather awkward to maneuver. I only had one style of outdoor fabric handy...

Look familiar?

Thursday, August 20, 2009

A New Project!

I always enjoy starting a new project - I like drawing up patterns and picking out materials. I think it is the finishing that I have a hard time with.

I decided to make some fun ornaments (see above) in order to put off finishing a custom purse that is still waiting to be put together. During the course of the ornament project I decided that I should make some more mini wallets (see below).

As you can see, the mini wallets are done, but the ornaments are not. I now have to decide whether to finish the ornaments first or the purse. 

Maybe I will make those scarves I have been thinking about all summer...

Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Return of Project Runway

Oh, it has been too long since the finale of the last season of Project Runway, but our friends Tim & Heidi are back to test the creative limits of a new group of designers. 

It is rare that I will go out of my way to see every episode of a TV show, let alone a reality show, but there is something about Project Runway that is so captivating that I can't miss 1 episode. 

Whatever legalities that kept PR off the air, apparently moved them from Bravo to Lifetime (I don't know if that means that somebody will have to be abused, then hit bottom, then realize they are strong and maybe Valerie Burtinelli or Judith Light will show up and give some hugs, tears and a shoulder to cry on).

I tried to fill the void with Bravo's, The Fashion Show, but Isaac Mizrahi and Kelly "not quite Beonce" Rowland didn't do it for me. Are they good at what they do... sure, but not at what someone(s) (Tim and Heidi) have already done.

Set your Tivos, DVR's, VCR's or whatever the record this (FINALLY!) Thursday night at 10/9C.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

For the Children

The other day I looked out our upstairs window and I noticed that there was a nest with eggs in the flower box, then I noticed there was a morning dove perched near by keeping an eye on those eggs. Since my husband and I have an odd habit of having to name any animal that comes into our yard, we named her Beatrice.

I have been checking on Beatrice every now and then - sneaking up to the window so I don't spook her, and there she sits, patiently waiting for the eggs to hatch. The flowers are starting to die, but don't want to water them because I feel an odd attachment to Bea and the kids. I suppose when everybody is hatched, they will all fly away, leaving me and my dead flowers behind, but I guess that's how a lot of relationships go...