Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Return of Project Runway

Oh, it has been too long since the finale of the last season of Project Runway, but our friends Tim & Heidi are back to test the creative limits of a new group of designers. 

It is rare that I will go out of my way to see every episode of a TV show, let alone a reality show, but there is something about Project Runway that is so captivating that I can't miss 1 episode. 

Whatever legalities that kept PR off the air, apparently moved them from Bravo to Lifetime (I don't know if that means that somebody will have to be abused, then hit bottom, then realize they are strong and maybe Valerie Burtinelli or Judith Light will show up and give some hugs, tears and a shoulder to cry on).

I tried to fill the void with Bravo's, The Fashion Show, but Isaac Mizrahi and Kelly "not quite Beonce" Rowland didn't do it for me. Are they good at what they do... sure, but not at what someone(s) (Tim and Heidi) have already done.

Set your Tivos, DVR's, VCR's or whatever the record this (FINALLY!) Thursday night at 10/9C.

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