Thursday, July 28, 2011

And Me Without My Camera...

Okay - that's a lie, I had my camera and once again didn't think of taking any pictures until I was putting away my stuff and my camera bag was in the way.

Anyway, on Sunday I participated in the 7th Annual Summer Craftacular in Madison, WI hosted by the Glitter Workshop and let me just say the good people and tourists of Madison were very kind to yours truly.

Not only did I sell a few items, but I had some great "neighbors" that were fun to visit with. To my right was Amy from Modish Life who sold adorable children's clothing, in fact, the stuff was so cute it almost made me wish I kids of my own (I said almost). On my right was Venessa from BailyBelle Creations who sold some really fun jewelry including these really clever fan necklaces.

I also ran into Betsy from Artess, who happened to have just finished teaching a screen printing class - how perfect - and gave me a few pointers and list of supplies for the beginner (screen printing is going to be my new phase after the new year - I can't wait!)

Here's an update on what's new - nothing - ugh...
I've been working extra hours at the old day job so the sewing machine has been sitting dormant, but my next items up on the cutting block are: gadget pouches, cat bags with zippered mouths & can you believe it...MITTENS (it almost seems like a crime to think about it when I am sitting here with the air conditioning on).

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  1. Thanks so much for mentioning me here!! Hope you are doing well!!