Sunday, October 16, 2011

Pattern, Pumpkin, Began, Cleanin'

Okay, not that anybody's keeping track, but I haven't posted in quite awhile, so here is what's been going on...

Pattern: Other than mittens and a few random hats - oh and some scrunchies when I briefly had access to a machine in 1991 - I have never made any wearable items so I bough the above pattern for a summery dress in the hopes that I could have it ready by time the warm weather rolls around again (I know it says "see & sew", but the reason I have so much original stuff is because I am really bad at following patterns).

Pumpkin: Last week a friend of mine came over for our 5th annual pumpkin carving event. Hers are the two on the top - the spaceship she finished by putting a little alien figure in the spaceship beam which turned out really cute. Mine are the other two photos. Unfortunately due to warm weather an a little rain, they are a little soft and my not make it to Halloween...

Began (pronounced like "vegan"): This weekend I vended at The Sandra Began Holiday Preview and Fundraising Event. The crowd was great, the venue was beautiful and although I felt like my display was amateur compared to my fellow vendors, it is much better than it was and looking at all the other displays I got a lot of inspiration on how to improve for future events. Thanks Sandra!

Cleanin': there are no photos for this part of the post because I was really embarrassed with how out of hand I let me sewing area get. I dedicated part of the day to organizing and getting rid of unnecessary items. I am now inspired to get back in there and mess it up again :)

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