Sunday, July 15, 2012

Let's Here it for the Boys er.. or Guys!

As I had mentioned in an earlier post I bought a Yudu screenprinter and a large assortment of shirts and was working on a few shirt designs. I was happy to finally get my "Old Fashioned Guy" shirt printed. So far I have three designs and many more ideas "rolling around upstairs" (aka in my head).

In addition to getting the remainder of my shirts printed, I finally finished the batch of clothespin bags I started back in March (there are actually twice as many, but some are on consignment). My favorite part is turning them right-side-out and seeing how there faces and ears turned out - it's like they all have there own personality - and if you don't think I'm dorky enough for saying that, I also give each one a name on their price tags.

It was actually the Summer Craftacular that motivated me to get my stuff done. When I signed up it was months away and now it's only two weeks. It's a great show with a lot of talented people and if you happen to be in Madison, WI of 7/29, you really should stop in!

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