Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Prints...Camera...Wristlet! (and cat toys)

It's always a treat when the items that you have been putting together in your brain com together in real life. I guess I would say it's half of a treat at this point as I have my current projects printed and have been doing lots-o-cutting, but I am still in the process of assembling.

What you are looking at in the photo above, besides my awesome franken-mug of coffee is the fronts of my new wristlets (cameras and larger stereos) and the fronts of my new kitty toys (lobsters, moonshine jugs and small stereos). The backs are going to be some funky coordinating material.

I was hoping to have one assembled by time I was ambitious enough to write this, but alas, I am more in the mood to type tonight than sew, so this is all I have to SHOW for now.

What?   Did somebody say "show"? Speaking of that, I have a couple of Holiday shows I am looking forward to. On Sat 11/17 there is the Handmade for the Holidays show in Oshkosh from 10-4 and then on 12/15 there is the Holiday Craftacular from 10-4 in Madison, WI.

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