Sunday, May 23, 2010

Hawai-I like it...

In the past couple of weeks I have acquired some fabric items that I am really excited about.

To be honest, I generally do not seek out vintage fabric or items to "upcycle" but here are a couple of items that I needed in my stash...

The first photo is of a shirt that I believe was bought as a souvenir at the Falls of Clyde in Hawaii. I found it at a yard sale and the tag was still on it (no price or date on the tag, but judging by the style - at least 20+ years ago?).

The seller wanted more than I wanted to spend, so I admit that I haggled a little. I did give in to a final price when she said that the shirt was really expensive. When I gave her the money I told her that is going to make a very nice bag for someone. I could tell by her reaction that she was curious, but still holding on to the regret of purchasing such an expensive shirt oh-so-many years ago.

The second photo is vintage fabric that my husband's grandmother bought in Hawaii back in the 60's.

I saw a project that my mother-in-law was working on and complimented her on the fabric. She said it was her mother's and that since it took here this long to make something with it, why didn't I take the remaining yardage. What a treat - I can't wait to use it!

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  1. Great finds! I love vintage fabric... it always makes things so unique! ;)